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D11 crawler tractors
D10 crawler tractors
D9 crawler tractors
992 wheel loaders
D8 crawler tractors
777 haul trucks
988 wheel loaders
980 wheel loaders
16H motor graders
785 haul trucks
16G motor graders

Quality services to fit your needs

quality services to fit your needs

We perform major machine rebuilds and supply parts along with components to numerous operations. While working closely with our customers' equipment management personnel, we take great pride in our ability to extend major component life, thus lowering overall maintenance costs.


CW Services has the equipment capabilities, experienced drivers and support personnel to haul any piece of oversize/overweight mine equipment. CW Services has ICC rights to operate as a "for hire" contract carrier in 48 states.

CW Services has heavy-duty tractors, boom trucks, and trailers with specifications to handle the oversize/overweight loads that are required to move mining equipment. These special trucks and trailers allow oversize/overweight equipment to be hauled under special permits with minimal disassembly thus resulting in less downtime and reassembly cost.

CW Services can supply all equipment, personnel, and permits needed to quickly move equipment. The heavy-duty trailers are designed to load different types of equipment and haul the maximum weights that can be permitted

Component Rebuild

CW Services serves as the central distribution center for major components used by our customers. Components such as engines, transmissions, final drives, clutches, wheel assemblies, brakes, buckets, blades, etc. are stocked complete with accessories ready to install. These frequently used major components are stocked at inventory levels sufficient to cover most failures that occur.

CW Services component rebuild is another service that has proven invaluable. All rebuilt items are kept in one of our component distribution centers. These components are rebuilt, repaired and are in good working condition, ready to use. Upon request from the job site, CW Services will deliver the new rebuilt component while the failed component is being removed. This whole process usually can be accomplished in an 8-hour time frame resulting in minimal down time. The failed component is then rebuilt and returned to stock.

Specialized Equipment

CW Services builds several unique pieces of equipment: the Combination Fuel/Lube Truck, the Water Truck, and the Off Road Lowboy. All have proven to be invaluable to our customers in maximizing the efficiency of mining operations.


CW Services has a large fleet of equipment for sale, rent or lease. Our fleet consists of used, rebuild and reconditioned machines that can be purchased or rented at a much lower cost than new machines. We will work with you to customize the financial terms to meet your needs. Contact us for additional information and availability of machines.

For Sale, Rent, or Lease
Coming soon a list of all equipment available for sale or rent.

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